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View indian language websites in operamini (malayalam,hindi,tamil etc....)

Opera mimi is the worlds onof the fastest and safest web browser for mobiles used by millions over 1000 of mobile phones.You can also view language websits other than english like malayalam,tamil,kaanada,hindi and much more in opera mini using this trick.This trick don't harm your mobile.
To activate this trick you don't even require a data plan so that this trick can be activated on offline mode.
Can you read this: ഇന്ത്യ എന്റെ രാജ്യമാണ് ...ഞാന്‍ എന്റെ രാജ്യത്തെ സ്നേഹിക്കുന്നു  if no follow these steps
All you have to do is open your OPERAMINI browser and type:
 in the address bar and wait.(in some mobile it will ask to alow acess to send and recieve data so do it,you dont need any data usage)
then you will get a menu,in that scroll down to the bottom end.then you will see something like:
  Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts 
select 'yes'(default will be 'no')
and click on SAVE button and save it.
Now visit any of your favourite language website and read the important datas in your own mother tounge........ If you have done correctly try to read the above malayalam language

Our new service

Our new service

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