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Shocking fact of web browsers:All must know

Hello Friends,Most of you might be unknown from this shocking fact of internet browsers. But you should know this fact to keep urself safe from others.Whenever you login on any site generally your browser ask to store/save username and passwords and many of you do it to think that its safe to store passwords on ur own system.But you know its very easy to see your stored passwords in less than 1 minute!!!!

check it by self!!!

Chrome users> Go to setting> options> personal stuff> in 'passwords' section click on 'show saved passwords'. and voila you can see your saved passwords with username here. (no google chrome download it from here free)

Firefox users> Go to Tools> Options> security> press button 'Saved Passwords'> Now it will show your saved usernames only... Now click on 'Show Password button'.. then it will show you all saved username and passwords.(no firefox download it from here  free

Now Always think before saving passwords in browser.
also think before giving  ur personal system to ur friend even for 1 minute only

Our new service

Our new service

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