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Trick To Lock Your PC When You Leave The Room (100% working)

Have you wondered is there any app that can just lock off your computer without having to touch the keyboard?Well, there is. here is the application for you all

BtProx (download it now) is a free application that monitors the proximity of your computer to your cellphone or other bluetooth device . It will lock off your computer automatically, protecting its contents from prying eyes when the phone goes out of range which means you walk away from your computer. Obviously, you would take your cellphone you when you leave, wouldn't you? It will also unlock automatically when you return back, with your cellphone or other bluetooth device of course.

this is not all also with BtProx, you can set up an arrangement that automatically locks your computer and turns on the PC security system when you step away from the machine.

!!! enjoy !!!

Our new service

Our new service

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