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Fast Mobile processing tips

When you buy your mobile phone, its response for your every action is considerably fast. In-fact, it is the fastest during that stage. You later find out that your mobile has transformed from a fast mobile to a slow mobile. The mobile starts slowing down in its responsiveness benchmark as you continue to use it.

One day you eventually get frustrated and end up jabbing upon the keypads with excessive strength thus causing damage to the carbon pad and then eventually you end up dumping your mobile phone which once upon a time was the fastest. Here in this following article we will give you tips with regard to making your mobile faster in response.

When you buy a mobile phone, there hardly is any data added inside the mobile. There are no call logs, there are no smses except the templates, and there are no excessive images either. Main phone memory of the mobile phone is in a way undisturbed. But the minute you start using the phone, your call details are logged which include the number, the time, the duration of the call and if whether the number exists in database of call records. Later when you add a phonebook record in your phone, the record gets stored in phone memory and instantly gets attached to your call logs, message receiving logs etc. Every single entry of phonebook record chews up 1 percent of the existing memory of phone.

Many mobile phones do not have the option to save messages in memory card as such would create data compatibility problems for the manufacturer. As a result there are limited numbers of free slots for SMS storage and as this storage limit increases, the usable memory capacity decreases. You can witness the memory resource scarcity when you try to use the mobile web browser for loading a media rich page. Unavailability of mobile memory is one other reason for frequent hanging of cell phones.

The following tips will help you to overcome such problems:
* Always keep only important contacts listed in your phonebook. Even while the phonebook record capacity is 1000, try to maintain the total contact list below 100.
* Delete useless smses from time to time, this will allot precious memory for your mobile operations especially gaming and browsing.
* If possible, enable sms storage in memory card instead of phone memory. This will miraculously save you from unscheduled mobile reboots.
* Always use storage card memory for video recording, photo shoot or any other media activity, this will let you capture content of extensive length without a memory full notification.
* Call log clearing function is different for different mobiles, some clear logs after restart while some have option for clearing logs. In both cases, its best to have the logs cleared. Usually these logs are the primary reasons for mobile restarts.
* Try not to flood mobile memory with useless applications. Each application adds its core files inside the phone memory; as a result installation of numerous useless files will lead to phone memory exhaustion.
* Certain unsigned, non-approved, cracked applications can become a reason for constant mobile restart. If it is ascertained that the restart was not due to battery problem, then its best to format the phone memory and then start using the phone i.e. after removal of rogue application.

The above tips will help you maintain a fast mobile. The processing power and response period of you mobile phone can be kept to it best minimum level using these tips. However some day eventually your mobile would seem slower than other new mobile phones as the processing capabilities of mobile phones are increasing rapidly with every new release in this segment. Maybe one fine day there wont be anymore slow mobiles, but only fast mobiles.

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